Pushkin’s Pants

  • Israel
  • Short
  • 2019
  • 10 min.
  • Director(s): Lev Brodinsky
  • Producer(s): Yael Perlov, Alma Ben Zeev


In the 1990s, Israel established government-built caravan sites for Russian and Ethiopian immigrants. The cultural differences and poverty created tension between the immigrants. Abraham, a 9-year-old immigrant from Ethiopia, teaches himself Russian in order to survive the difficult conditions. He meets his neighbor Marina. She invites him inside her caravan. She is astounded by his Russian and compares him to the Russian national poet, Alexander Pushkin, whose grandfather was Ethiopian. Abraham and Marina create a unique bond- two immigrants from different parts of the world, both connected by the same caravan site. The film is part of the “Equals” project, by the Gesher Multicultural Film Fund.

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Lev Brodinsky


Yael Perlov, Alma Ben Zeev


Lev Brodinsky


Eyal Malka


Yael Perlov


Michael Arfeino, Tamara Klingon, Mikey Yahav, . Hezi Barkoy, Philipp Mogilnitskiy

Original Language

Amharic, Russian



Sound Designer

Ami Arad

Festival Highlights


    Best Debut Film
    Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival

International Short Film Festival of Cyprus, , 2020

Goa Short Film Festival, India, 2020

Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival, Brazil, 2020

Rome Indipendent Prisma Film Festival, , 2020

Orlando International Film Festival, USA, 2020

Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival, Israeli, 2020

Moscow shorts, Russia, 2020

Rolling Ideas Film Festival, , 2020

Short to the point Film Festival, , 2020

Short Film Factory, , 2020

Short Cine Fest, , 2020

Eurasia International film festival, , 2020

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