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Our Mission


Go2Films specializes in distribution, marketing and co-production of top Israeli docs, fiction films and TV series as well as international films with Jewish related content. We have a soft spot for movies which help us understand who we are, where do we come from and where we want to go.


We welcome films that expand our minds and hearts. We work with the filmmakers to design a distribution & marketing strategy tailored specifically for their film, making sure that each film reaches its audiences worldwide.


Over the years, we have developed personal long-term relationships with important buyers, broadcasters, film festivals, educational institutions and digital platforms around the globe.


Films are our passion and profession and we keep seeking innovative ways to make our films reach the viewers in the ever-changing world of film distribution.

Contact us: info(at)go2films.com

Who We Are?

  • Hedva Goldschmidt, Managing Director

    Hedva Goldschmidt, Managing Director

    Hedva Goldschmidt, a seasoned and well-known Israeli distributor with a sharp eye and a big smile, founded Go2Films in 2005. Prior to that, she headed the distribution department at The Ma'ale Film School and worked as a graphic designer and illustrator. Currently, she also serves as the distribution consultant for the Gesher Multicultural Film Fund. In addition to her work, Hedva is active in an inter-religious group of Jewish, Muslim and Christian women promoting empowerment of women in societies at conflict. She lives in Jerusalem with her husband and five children.

  • Hadar Taylor Shechter, International Festivals & Educational Sales

    Hadar Taylor Shechter, International Festivals & Educational Sales

    Hadar holds a BA in Economics and English Linguistics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. After spending two years in Vienna, Austria, working with the Jewish community, she returned to Israel and worked at the World Zionist Organization. Hadar is married to Hagai and they are raising two young boys and two girls, which she frequently leaves behind to attend film markets and festivals. Hadar is the calm and rational voice in the office, and since 2010 is the Go2Films International department head.

  • Lihi Binyamin, International Sales & Acquisitions

    Lihi Binyamin, International Sales & Acquisitions

    Lihi is a graduate of the Department of Film and Television at the Sapir College. During her studies she directed and produced fiction and documentary films. Her final project "Family Album" was screened in Israel and around the world in major short film festivals. After graduation she worked in film industry productions and photography. While handling Go2Films international sales, she is also graduating from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in the Photography department.

  •  Sheli Cohen Riter,  Israeli Distribution  and Office Manager

    Sheli Cohen Riter, Israeli Distribution and Office Manager

    Sheli holds a BA in Communications from the Open University. She started her way in the media world at the digital department of the Ha'aretz newspaper. In 2015, after moving to Jerusalem with her husband and 2 children, Sheli joined the Go2Films team, where she works wonders with endless office tasks. Sheli is the Israeli distribution and educational coordinator and our office manager.

  • Iness Zionov, Accounting

    Iness Zionov, Accounting

    Inessa holds a BA in Business from Darby University and graduated a course in accounting. She previously worked at the Ministry of Justice in the accounting department. Inessa joined the Go2Films team as a substitute during a maternity leave, and we haven't let her leave since.

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