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  • Israel
  • Documentary
  • 2022
  • 70 / 55 min.
  • Director(s): Shlomo Slutzky, Tomer Slutzky
  • Producer(s): Shlomo Slutzky, Rodolfo Duran


Shlomo Slutzky, an Argentinean immigrant to Israel, follows the traces of his cousin Samuel who was murdered by the 1970’s Argentinian dictatorship. Shlomo’s journey takes a sharp turn when he discovers that one of the suspected murderers – Interpol
fugitive, Aníbal Teodoro Gauto – has found shelter in Israel. Tomer Slutzky follows his father’s fight to extradite Gauto for trial in Argentina. What begins as a father and son’s discovery of a family secret turns into an investigative drama and a public international affair when they meet fierce opposition from the state, which remains determined to protect Gauto and prevent the unveiling of dark secrets from the past.

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Shlomo Slutzky, Tomer Slutzky


Shlomo Slutzky, Rodolfo Duran


Shlomo Slutzky, Malen Azzam


Tomer Slutzky


Tomer Slutzky, Yael Leibov itz

Original Music

Alberto Shwartz

Original Language

Hebrew, Spanish

Production Company

Slutzkys Productions

Produced with the help of

Kan 11, INCAA Argentina

Sound Designer

Carolina Sandoval

Festival Highlights


    Jury Mention
    Haifa International Film Festival

    Best Screenplay
    Festival Del Cinema Ibero-Latino Americano di Trieste

Warsaw International Film Festival, Poland, 2022

Haifa International Film Festival, Israel, 2022

Shanghai TV Film Festival, China, 2023


  • "Bronca is a powerful documentary that goes head-on against injustice"
    - Milagros Amonaray, La Nacion
  • "An essential documentary that illustrates how collaboration between entities with common interests promotes the avoidance of payment for crimes against humanity"
    - Ronaldo Gallego, Ludiconews
  • "An excellent documentary, with an autobiographical component, which is undoubtedly the story of many others."
    - Mónica Sara Eckstein Hauer, Pantalla Partida
  • "With his camera, Tomer Slutsky, Shlomo's son, accompanies the intimate moments of his father's "Don-Quixotian" battle to achieve justice, with empathy and the concern of a son, but also with the watchful gaze of a young man these days"
    - Nito Marsiglio, Cine Argentino Hoy