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Leaving Paradise

  • Israel
  • Documentary
  • 2021
  • 86 min.
  • Director(s): Ofer Freiman
  • Producer(s): David Noy, Yoram Ivri


Cleo fulfilled his dream: to leave the big city with his wife and fifteen children, to establish a family commune on a farm in Brazil. Exploring their family-roots leads the children to discover their surprising heritage, which undermines the existence of the communal paradise.

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Ofer Freiman


David Noy, Yoram Ivri


Ofer Freiman


Ofer Freiman, Kobi Netanel


Ofer Freiman


Kobi Netanel

Original Music

Alberto Schwartz

Original Language

Portuguese, Hebrew, English



Sound Design

Yossi Applebaum, Michael Emmet

Festival Highlights


    Best Editing Award
    Salem International Film Festival

    Best Documentary Film
    Haifa International Film Festival

Rochester Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2022

Berlin Jewish Film Festival, Germany, 2022

Jewish Community Center Manhattan, USA, 2022

Denver Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2022

Greater Phoenix Jewish Film Festival , USA, 2022

Budapest International Documentary Film Festival, Hungary, 2022

Miami Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2022

Sao Paulo Jewish Film Festival , Brazil, 2021

Shape of Life- International Film Festival, Perm, Russia, 2021

Boston Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2021

Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2021

Calgary International Film Festival , Canada, 2021

Falmouth Jewish Congregation , USA, 2021

Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Germany, 2021

Krakow International Film Festival, Poland, FESTIVAL AWARD WINNERS section, 2021

Salem International Film Festival, USA, Official Competiton, 2021

Tempo International Film Festival, Sweden, 2021

Australia Jewish Film Festival, Australia, 2021

New Jersey Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2021

Haifa International Film Festival, Israel, Documentary Competiton, 2020

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  • "A wide-ranging documentary epic that depicts with a humane, loving and curious look the formation and disintegration of a utopian, wild and controversial dream - a family commune in the heart of a beautiful Brazilian forest. A wonderfully shot film, edited and directed with great talent, that never ceases to surprise, excite and illuminate questions of personal and communal Jewish identity while touching fascinating universal issues of family relations, patriarchy in the modern world, tension between nature and progress and a wide range of individualistic and existentialist worldviews. "
    - Jury's Reasoning for Award, Haifa International Film Festival, 2020
  • "The edit was focused and kept the narrative on track with a clear structure, despite the difficulty of many smaller storylines that developed throughout the film. The story turned on itself, which is a clever structure for creating tension and momentum in the story. The interweaving of the multiple storylines worked very well and were put to good use in order to create new insights, contradictions and thus tension. The editor searched and found imagery of quiet moments, subtle eye-movements and other small details that another editor perhaps would've overseen. Yet this editor put it to good use in order to construct the story. That, to me, is what editing is about."
    - Jury's Reasoning for Award, Salem International Film Festival, 2021