Tunnel of Hope

  • Israel
  • Documentary
  • 2015
  • 88 min.
  • Director(s): Dror H. Shwartz
  • Producer(s): Dror H. Shwartz


The painful memories and hopeful reflections of three generations of Jews tragically affected by the Holocaust, merge into one incredible narrative of perseverance and survival.
In 1943, 250 Jewish slave workers successfully escaped from a Nazi labor camp in Novogrudok, Belarus, via a tunnel they dug. The film follows the remaining escapees, accompanied by their descendants, in an attempt to find the tunnel. The archaeological excavations dig up not only piles of dirt and some physical remnants, but also dredge up memories of the calamity framing the deed.

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Dror H. Shwartz


Dror H. Shwartz


Michael Kagan



Festival Highlights

Boulder Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2016

JW3, United Kingdom, 2016

Lincoln Square Synagogue, USA, 2015


  • "A dramatic and exceptional story which somehow hasn't assumed yet a place of honor in the collective memory of the Holocaust."
    - Ofer Aderet, Haaretz Newspaper
  • "The film is inspirational, it takes you on a journey back into the dark times of the Second World War and connects new generations to one of the bravest acts of escape and survival ever told. "
    - Diane Lees, Director General Imperial War Museums London, UK
  • "The film was profoundly moving on many different levels. It brilliantly combines a story of great bravery in the face of evil. What was especially poignant was the reactions of second and third generations of survivors and the interview with the grandson of two people who were murdered for saving Jews. This film deepens our understanding of the darkest chapter in human history. "
    - Trudy Gold, Director of Holocaust Studies, JW3, London