A Jewish Girl in Shanghai

  • China
  • Animation
  • 2010
  • 80 min.
  • Director(s): Wang Genfa, Zhang Zhenhui
  • Producer(s): Wang Tianyun, Ren Zhonglun, Cai Hongzhuan, Shi Bixi, Wu Pei


Set mainly in and around the Shanghai Ghetto in Japanese-occupiedShanghai during the Second World War, the film tells the story of three children. Rina and her younger brother Mishalli are Jewish refugees who escaped Europe but are without their parents. A-Gen is a Chinese orphan boy who meets Rina and helps her and her brother to survive. The children form strong friendships and have adventures as they try and fend off the Japanese army occupying the city, and their allies, the Nazis. In the background, the Second Sino-Japanese War takes place, while the children must face the uncertainty that concerns the fate of Rina and Mishalli’s parents in Europe.

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Wang Genfa, Zhang Zhenhui


Wang Tianyun, Ren Zhonglun, Cai Hongzhuan, Shi Bixi, Wu Pei


Wu Lin

Original Music

Shi Jiayang


Cui Jie, Zhao Jing, Ma Shaohua

Original Language

Mandarin (Chinese)


English, Hebrew

Produced by

Shanghai Animatino Film Studio, Shanghai Film Group corp.

Photo Credit

Shanghai Animation Film Studio

Festival Highlights

Festival of Tolerance, Slovenia, 2017

Westchester Jewish Film Festival (Jacob Burns Film Center) , USA, 2017

JW3, UK, 2014

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2012

Miami Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2012

Bucharest Jewish Film Festival, Romania, 2012

Skirball Cultural Center , USA, 2012

Macau International Movie Festival, , 2011

Pitigliani Film Festival, Italy, 2011

Toronto Jewish Film Festival, Canada, 2011

Seattle Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2011

São Paulo Jewish Film Festival, Brazil, 2011

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  • A Chinese commercial success in its 2010 release, the 80-minute animated feature produced by Shanghai Animation Film Studio is a more than welcome cinematic ambassador for bolstering Jewish-Chinese relations. It describes with sensitivity and caution the life of Shanghai Jews, who fled from Nazi Germany to find themselves in a 'stateless' zone within Japanese-occupied Shanghai.
    Zippy Frames
  • With its unusual combination of beautifully drawn animation and a rarely heard perspective on the wartime experience, this charming, naïve film will keep audiences of all ages utterly engrossed.
    Jonathan Walton, UK Jewish Film Festival