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Telling Nonie

  • Israel
  • Documentary
  • 2024
  • 50 min.
  • Director(s): Paz Schwartz
  • Producer(s): Osnat Saraga, Orly Atlas-Katz, Inbal Levi, Noa Lahav-Movar


Tormented by his role in a 1950s Gaza assassination, Geizi Tsafrir, an elderly Israeli agent, seeks redemption. Reflecting on his time with Shin Bet (Israeli Secret Service) and the killing of an Egyptian lieutenant colonel, he decides to confront his past. He contacts the colonel’s daughter, Nonie Darwish, once intent on avenging her father’s death but now a prominent voice against radical Islam and a supporter of Israel. The mysterious email from Tsafrir sets Darwish on an emotional journey into her past, culminating in a meeting with him in Los Angeles. This winner of the Haifa International Film Festival’s Best Israeli Documentary explores intricate emotions, history’s complexities, and the bumpy path toward mutual understanding and forgiveness.

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Paz Schwartz


Osnat Saraga, Orly Atlas-Katz, Inbal Levi, Noa Lahav-Movar


Paz Schwartz, Sagi Bornstein


Uriel Sinai


Sagi Bornstein, Tamara Mamon

Original Language

Hebrew, English, Arabic


English, Hebrew


Uriel Sinai

Sound Design

Rotem Dror

Festival Highlights


    Best Documentary Film
    Haifa International Film Festival

    Audience Award
    Punta del Este Jewish Film Festival

Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, USA, Official Selection, 2024


  • In their film, directors Paz Schwartz and Uriel Sinai crafted a captivating, suspenseful and human drama, where the protagonists realize that after many years, despite how hard it is for them to forgive, they must acknowledge the pain of the other, too.
    Haifa IFF Jury Motivation for Best Documentary Award