Srugim- Season 3

  • Israel
  • Series
  • 2011
  • min.
  • Director(s): Eliezer 'Laizy' Shapira
  • Producer(s): Jonathan Aroch, Dikla Barkai, Eitan Abut


The Israeli “Friends” – with a twist: Srugim (‘Knitted’) is the hit TV series that follows the lives of a group of 30-something modern Orthodox singles as they navigate love, friendship and faith in contemporary Jerusalem. We meet Yifat, a sweet and likeable graphic designer; Hodayah, a theology student who struggles daily with her faith; Nati, an overconfident surgeon with commitment issues; Amir, a recently divorced Hebrew teacher at a women’s seminary; and Reut, the feisty, motorbike-riding career girl who is learning to read the haftarah for her prayer group.
What sets it apart from the ‘singles in the city’ format is its groundbreaking social setting, where personal gratification is not the only goal. Brimming with romantic tension, humourous situations and well-drawn characters, it is not hard to see why the stereotype-busting Srugim has been such a success among Israelis of all stripes, secular and religious alike. Charming, entertaining and utterly addictive.

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Eliezer 'Laizy' Shapira


Jonathan Aroch, Dikla Barkai, Eitan Abut

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