• Israel
  • Short
  • 2021
  • 32 min.
  • Director(s): Asaf Saban
  • Producer(s): Asaf Saban


After years living in Berlin, Ali, a young Palestinian, lands in Israel for a home visit. Following a very cold welcome at the airport, Ali decides to seek some peace and quiet on a short vacation in the desert of Sinai, Egypt. Between the local Bedouins, a group of young Israeli tourists mistake him for one of them. With the breathtaking beaches of the Sinai desert in the background, Ali is forced to reflect on his identity before he will have to deal with the harsh return to the country he has left behind.

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Asaf Saban


Asaf Saban


Nayef Hammoud, Asaf Saban


David Rudoy


Gal Rosenbluth


Ala Dakka, Roni Koren, Uriah Horesh, Amit Romano, Noam Karmeli, Sahel Aldbsan

Original Language

Hebrew, Arabic


English, Hebrew, French

Produced with the help of

"Shorts in the Desert" project - Arava International Film Festival, Gesher Multicultural Film Fund

Sound designer

Avi Mizrahi, DB studios

Original Score

Assaf Talmudi & The Keyboard Uprisers

Line Producer and Assistant Director

Eyal Tzadik


Tamar Rudoy

Art Director

Adva Littwitz

Festival Highlights

  • Honorable Mention
    Tel Aviv International short Film Festival

    FreshFlix Short Film Competition
    Boston Jewish Film Festival

    Best Short Film
    Warsaw Jewish Film Festival

Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival, Denmark, 2022

Tampa Bay Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2022

Festival du Cinéma Israélien de Paris, France, 2022

Vancouver Jewish Film Festival, Canada, 2022

Cincinnati Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2022

Boca Raton Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2022

Denver Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2022

Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival, Hong Kong , 2021

UK Jewish Film Festival, UK, 2021

Budapest Jewish Film Festival, Hungary, 2021

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2021

Nominated for best short film Ophir award by the Israeli Film Academy, Israel, 2021

Tel Aviv International Short Film Festival, Israel, 2021

Boston Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2021

Warsaw Jewish Film Festival, Poland, 2021

Cinemed Montpellier, France, 2021

Arava International Film Festival, Israel, 2021

The International Association for Intercultural Education (IAIE) Conference, , Screening and Guest Lecture

The Center of Education and Training Program for Judges, Israel Supreme Court, Israel, Screening and Guest Lecture

Modern Hebrew Program, Harvard University, USA, Screening and Guest Lecture

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