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A Land Without Borders

  • Israel
  • Documentary
  • 2017
  • 62 min.
  • Director(s): Michael Alalu, Nir Baram
  • Producer(s): Donna Productions, Spiegel Productions


Award-winning writer Nir Baram grew up in a political household. Both his father and grandfather were members of the Knesset and ministers. As Baram begins to lose faith in the possibility of a two-state solution, he decides to travel throughout the West Bank to speak with the local Palestinians and the Israeli settlers. The surprising revelations force Baram to reevaluate his hopes for a peaceful resolution to this conflict.




Michael Alalu, Nir Baram


Donna Productions, Spiegel Productions


Nir Baram, Ziv Karshen


Michael Alalu


Ziv Karshen

Original Language

Hebrew, English


English, Hebrew, French


Channel 8

Photo Credit

Michael Allalu

Festival Highlights

  • Best Medium Length Documentary

    Ophir Israeli Academy Awards

Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival , Denmark , 2019

Calgary Jewish Film Festival , Canada , 2018

Vancouver Jewish Film Festival , Canada , 2018

Without Borders Film Festival , Germany , 2018

Montreal Israeli Film Festival , Canada , 2018

Zurich Jewish Film Festival , Switzerland , 2018

FIPA , France , 2018

Without Borders Film Festival , Germany , 2018

Santa Barbara International Film Festival , USA , 2018

Other Israel Film Festival , USA , 2017


  • This important movie shows that haven’t even begun to speak about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
    Editor's Choice, "Time Out"
  • A refreshing perspective, without moral patronizing…Baram’s honesty is unburdened by illusions. As a result, it opens a window on new approaches.
    Einav Shiff, “Yediot Aharonot”
  • A film that angers right-wingers and makes left-wingers despair – it’s greatest importance is its presence here, right now.
    Ayman Sikhsek, “Walla”
  • In a wise, dispassionate voice, Baram hears the unpleasant truths about the conflict.
    Doron Brosh, “Ma’ariv”

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