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Lebanon – Borders of Blood

  • Israel, Germany
  • Documentary
  • 2021
  • 90 / 5 x 50 min.
  • Director(s): Duki Dror
  • Producer(s): Reinhardt Beetz, Liat Kamai Eshed, Dana Wolfe


The story of Lebanon is one of ongoing tragedy. A march of follies orchestrated by heads of state, sects, and militias. The Palestinians, French, British, Iranians, Syrians, Americans, Israelis and the Lebanese themselves, have all, at one point or another, contributed to the country’s tragic history. Caught up in the chaos were the Lebanese themselves – made up of different sects, religions, and ethnicities – writing their own history in a string of political assassinations, massacres, and betrayals.

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Duki Dror


Reinhardt Beetz, Liat Kamai Eshed, Dana Wolfe


Itay Landsberg Nevo, Duki Dror


Ron Katzenelson, Matthias Bollinger, Matthew Reber


Itay Landsberg Nevo, Gal Goffer

Original Music

Frank Ilfman


Liora Barmatz Amir

Visual Research

Daniela Reiss Razon, Hagit Ben Yaacov

Sound Design

Ronen Nagel

Supporters & Broadcasters

KAN – Israeli Public Broadcast Corp, Makor Foundation for Israeli Films, ARTE, WDR

Festival Highlights


    Best Israeli Series
    The Israeli Documentary Forum Awards

    Best research Award
    The Israeli Documentary Forum Awards


  • "“Lebanon - Borders of Blood” shows the historical struggle that shaped modern day Lebanon, and the agony that accompanied and followed the process. The film is crucial to understanding the small country that is now enduring a severe crisis that has brought it to the brink of catastrophe."
    - The Arab Weekly
  • "“Lebanon - Borders of Blood” surpasses its predecessors in almost every parameter of documentary work. Its greatness is in the subject framing, depth and scope."
    - Walla/Culture
  • ""Lebanon -Borders of blood" manages to expand the canvas and deepen it at the same time. The narration is not merely dry facts, but rather adds thought-provoking insights into the psychological aspects of the main players."
    - YNET
  • "An ambitious, interesting and certainly exceptional work in the documentary landscape...maintaining a multiplicity of points of view Excellent interviewees. Excellent editing work that reinforces the premise. "
  • ""Lebanon" is a chilling seriesFive meticulous, quality and chilling hours of excellent journalistic work! It has it all: new revelations, wonderful archival work, cross-examination of evidence on both sides. But its great importance is these words at the beginning: in the understanding that if we do not tell the story of all parties involved in the ongoing Lebanese hell, we will not understand and certainly not learn to prevent future victims. "
  • "Phenomenal bandwidth ... that's the power of the series...Amazing… "