Menachem and Fred

  • Israel, Germany
  • Documentary
  • 2008
  • 90 min.
  • Director(s): Ofra Tevet, Ronit Kertsner
  • Producer(s): Ronit Kertsner, Ofra Tevet (Israel) and Jens Meurer (Egoli Tossell, Germany)


Meet Menachem and Fred, an Israeli professor and an American space engineer, brothers who are now reuniting as adults. When they separated during the Holocaust, Fred moved to New York, changed his full name and raised all-American Christians; Menachem is a religious Jew and lives near his children and their West Bank settlement. The men avoided their history for over 60 years until letters from their mother surfaced and forced them to confront the past. We travel with them to Germany on an emotional tour of the many homes and refuges they had, including their original family home, a hiding place when they were driven out on Kristallnacht, an orphanage and a camp.

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Ofra Tevet, Ronit Kertsner


Ronit Kertsner, Ofra Tevet (Israel) and Jens Meurer (Egoli Tossell, Germany)


Ofra Tevet


Klause Strum, Yoram Milo, James Carmen, Ron Katsenelson


Ronit Kertsner

Original Music

Zbigniew Preisner

Original Language

Hebrew, English, German, French


English, Hebrew, Russian, Polish

Produced with the help of

Noga comunications, The new film foundation, ARTE, SWR, ZDF, FILMSTUFTUNG, SR

Sound Designer

Israel David