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A Trip to the Other Planet

  • Israel
  • Animated Documentary
  • 2014
  • 15 min.
  • Director(s): Tom Kless
  • Producer(s): Eyal Keila, Yafit Shalev


An animated portrait of the hallucinatory journey of consciousness experienced by Jewish writer Yechiel De-Nur (“KaTzetnik 135633”), during a psychiatric treatment with the hallucinate drug LSD, in the Netherlands, 1976. The treatment sends De-Nur to revisit the “Other Planet” of Auschwitz, during which, De-Nur sees himself as the Nazi officer who sent him to burn in the crematorium. This life-altering experience releases De-Nur from his repressed traumas of the past, and engulfs him with new prophecies of a dark possible future.

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Tom Kless


Eyal Keila, Yafit Shalev


Tom Kless


Netta Meir


Ada Etgar


Adi Weiss

Original Language




Produced with the help of

David Perlov Fund, Rabinovitch Foundation, Gesher Film Fund, Snunit Fund, Keshet Broadcasting, Sapir Academic College

Sound designer

Andres Rappaport, Michal Gideon

Animation Director

Aliza Morse

Lead Animators

Regev Tovim, Vika Illyashov, Gali Dueck, Einat Bar-Yosef

Photos courtesy of

Tom Kless

Festival Highlights

  • Winner

    Perlov Awards for Best Young Documentary Film
    Perlov competition

FilmLabFestival International Film Festival, Italy, 2014

Jerusalem Film Festival, Israel, Shorts, 2014

Cinema South Film Festival, Israel, 2014


  • "We live in a complicated period. We have almost reached the last living survivor and in ten years time,we will find ourselves devoid of first hand testimonies. I look at my children's generation, who will be learning about the Holocaust from black and white films of Auschwitz or animations--all of which seem to be from another planet. For this reason, we need to find new ways to present and exhibit the Holocaust, so that everyone can learn and implement its profound lessons in future generations"
    - Tom Kless, from an article in MAKO