Good Morning Son

  • Israel
  • Feature
  • 2018
  • 84 min.

Good Morning Son

  • Israel
  • Feature
  • 2018
  • 84 min.


A young IDF soldier critically injured during a Gaza military operation, clings to life while his family maintains a bedside vigil, in the sensitive Israeli drama. Sharon Bar-Ziv writes, directs and stars in this intimate chamber ensemble, playing anxious father David whose son Ori lies comatose in a hospital bed, hovering between life and death. David and his wife Naomi (Keren Mor) rarely leave Ori's side, speaking softly to him, praying and watching for any sign of improvement. During the long wait, family, friends, doctors and therapists struggle to temper expectations and cope with the strain of the situation that sees moments of heartbreak, humor and hope. This beautifully rendered story of human resilience offers insight into the ordeal faced by military families in Israel and throughout the world. (courtesy of Atlanta JFF)



Sharon Bar-Ziv


Jonathan Rozenbaum, Michael Rozenbaum, Marek Rozenbaum


Sharon Bar-Ziv


Ziv Berkovich


Evelyne Kaplun


Keren Mor, Sharon Bar-Ziv, Aviv Elkabeth

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Festival Highlights

Toronto Jewish Film Festival, Canada , 2019

  • A collection of intimate moments, directed and acted with accuracy, shifting from the emotional to the humorous and the absurd. Not one of these moments tries to take us beyond the quiet banality of pain and hope. Like in his former film, Room 514, here too the restricted and dense space becomes a central character, an emotional ground, stressing the isolation of the parents from the outside world, and the loss of the sense of time passing by.
    Dr Shmulik Duvdevani, Ynet
  • ... A clever and elegant film about the resilience of of life. Well written and directed in the right tempo… a sober and accurate performance by Sharon Bar Ziv and Keren Mor.
    Uri Klein, Haaretz

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