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An Israeli Love Story

  • Israel
  • Feature
  • 2017
  • 93 min.
  • Director(s): Dan Wolman
  • Producer(s): Dan Wolman


The year is 1947. 18 year-old Margalit from a village in northern Israel
loves theater and dreams of becoming an actress. One day she falls in
love with 24 year-old Eli from Kibbutz Beit Keshet. She tries to get close
to him, hoping he’ll fall for her, but things don’t go so smoothly. He has
a girlfriend and is busy with the dramatic events preceding the birth of
Israel. Slowly the barriers come down, Margalit moves in with Eli and they
set up a date for their wedding. But then, Israel’s harsh reality steps in.

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Dan Wolman


Dan Wolman


Dita Guery


Ran Aviad


Shoshi Wolman


Adi Bielski, Aviv Alush, Maya Wertheim, Issac Hizkiyah, Alex Anski, Amir Mugrabi, Sharon Friedman

Original Language



English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Greek

Produced with the help of

The Israel Film Fund, Reshet – Noga Ltd.


Reshet – Noga Ltd

The song "To Embrace the Void"

by Shoshi Wolman is sung by Marina Maximilian

Festival Highlights

  • Winner

    Best Actress Audience Award to main actress Adi Bielski
    The Golden Rooster, One Hundred Flower Festival ("The Chinese Oscar")

Dallas Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2019

Ann Arbor Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2019

Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2018

Miami Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2018

The Golden Rooster, One Hundred Flower Festival, China, Competitive Section, 2017

Tirana International Film Festival, Albania, 2017

Australia International Jewish Film Festival, Australia , 2017

Shalom Europa, France, 2017

Pitigliani Jewish Film Festival, Italy, 2017

SERET Santiago, Chile, 2017

SERET Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2017

Bangalore International Film Festival, India, 2017

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  • "Dan Wolman's new film avoids melodrama and sentimentality, and reinforces his stature as the most important independent filmmaker in Israeli cinema."
    - Uri Klein, Haaretz
  • "Unlike nationalistic-heroic films, "An Israeli Love Story" has a woman at its center, and its story is pathos free. With a great score and fine cinematography, veteran director Dan Wolman has filled the film with beautiful moments. Wolman shows that Zionistic films don't have to be loud manifestos, and can be made with the quiet and modesty characteristic of his other work."
    - Shmulik Duvdevani,
  • "An Israeli Love Story is a new and artistic feature film by Dan Wolman – a moving period piece – the story of a romance set in 1947 during the tumultuous period of the end of the British Mandate... As in many of Wolman’s previous films, An Israeli Love Story is a strikingly human portrayal set against the backdrop of an historical period, mixing a private story with the national narrative... the fact that the film is based on a true story makes it particularly poignant and authentic"
    - Amy Kronish, Israeli Film and Filmmakers
  • "A thrilling and impressive cinematic experience."
    - Marat Parkhomovsky, Cinematheque