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  • Srugim- Season 3

    Season 3 continues as to take the characters further into their relationships, delves deeper into their individual and religious identities, and continues the saga of their seemingly endless single status.
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  • Arab Labor Season 3

    Israel’s first prime-time television show that depicts Arabic-speaking main characters, and takes a comical look at the cultural divide between Arabs and Jews in Israel.
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  • The New Black (Shababniks)

    The show features a group of four Haredi students who study at a yeshiva in Jerusalem. One of them, Gedalya, is on the straight and narrow, while the other three prefer their Talmud study with a side of hanging out in the park, shopping at the mall and general goofing off. Shababniks is a Hebrew slang word for a Haredi youth who is off the path – but not entirely. There are no tortured heroes or heartbreaking scenes in Shababniks. What you will find in Shababniks is fun, and a lot of it.
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  • Cafe Nagler

    The director follows the famous "Café Nagler," which was owned by her family during 1920s Berlin, and gets caught in the gap between family myth and historic facts.
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  • Five Hours From Paris

    In a working-class suburb of Tel Aviv, two people meet. He is a taxi driver and she is a music teacher.
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  • The Love Letter

    When Noa finds a special love letter in her locker, she struggles to reconcile her safe, restrained world and her urge to feel at least for a brief moment, loved.
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