Yeshurun in 6 Chapters

  • Israel
  • Documentary
  • 2018
  • 55 min.
  • Director(s): Amichai Chasson
  • Producer(s): Yair Qedar, Itai Barkan


For many, he was the greatest Israeli poet of all time, but he spent most of his days in banishment and solitude. As a radical and isolated poet, he broke the boundaries of language using Hebrew, Yiddish and Arabic in ways that no other did. Who was Avot Yeshurun, also known as Yehiel Perlmutter? A Jew that broke his own home, and was reborn in Tel Aviv as a poet, carrying the burden of guilt for the rest of his life? The film travels between his biographical and poetic times and life, through the eyes of his daughter, Helit Yeshurun, joined by friends, critics and poets. Using rare archival footage, they draw a portrait of a man that broke everything, a lonely revolutionary that wrote the events of our time in a crushed-broken language, until towards the end of his life, he became the ‘lord of all poets’.

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Amichai Chasson


Yair Qedar, Itai Barkan


Amichai Chasson


Tulik Galon


Ron Goldman

Original Music

Tom Darom And Asa Raviv

Original Language



English, Spanish


Itamar Toren, Almog Sella, Erez Gavish