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The Round Number

  • Israel
  • Documentary
  • 2021
  • 60 min.
  • Director(s): David Fisher
  • Producer(s): David Fisher, Leigh Heiman


Anyone who has ever been taught about the Holocaust has learned that six million Jews were killed under Nazi rule. In his signature personal style, David Fisher’s first- person historical investigation takes him as a second generation of Holocaust survivors, on a 12-year journey, far beyond statistics through history and politics that still resonate to the present day, when Fisher is challenged for asking deeply unsettling questions about an untouched icon. The Round Number explores why and how the number six million was written into the canon, and what its meaning can teach us about the Holocaust.

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David Fisher


David Fisher, Leigh Heiman

Executive Producer(s)

Errol Morris


David Fisher


Ron Katzenelson, Ronen Mayo, Claudio Steinberg, Leigh Heiman


Ron Omer, Hadas Ayalon, Hilla Haramatti

Original Language

Hebrew, English




David Fisher, Leigh Heiman, Ori Tor

Sound Design

Avi Mizrahi

Original Score

Ran Bagno

Festival Highlights

Spokane JFF, USA, 2023

Festival International de Cinéma et Mémoire Commune, Morroco, 2022

New Haven Docs, USA, 2022

Transylvania International Film Festival, Romania, 2022

BAFICI, Argentina, 2022