The Forgotten Ones

  • Israel
  • Documentary
  • 2018
  • 74 min.
  • Director(s): Nitza Gonen
  • Producer(s): Nitza Gonen


The film brings to light, for the first time, the holocaust of Yugoslav Jewry. The Yugoslavian holocaust resulted in the slaying of 85% of the members of its glorious Jewish community, who did not suffer any form of discrimination.

Stella, the film’s protagonist, a young Israeli born in Yugoslavia researches the nature of the extermination of Jews in each region, the part the Germans played, and the part played by the various nationalities in Yugoslavia.
Parallel, Stella is exploring what was the fate of her Muslim great grandfather who saved Jews during the war and therefore was nominated as a righteous gentile.
The voyage crisscrosses all the provinces of Yugoslavia, with the route shown in animation on the Yugoslav map to provide the viewer with orientation. Stella, while writing a blog on her voyage discoveries, meets with historians on this period, who tell her also that the research about the details of this extermination and number of Jews killed is still ongoing.
The camera advances along a set path in the footstep of Jews who were led to their deaths, and films the murder sites where Stella hears personal stories told by survivors. Yugoslavia’s beautiful scenery provides a dramatic contrast to the horrible deeds performed on its soil.

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Nitza Gonen


Nitza Gonen

Original Language

Hebrew, English, Croatian, Slovene