• Hungary, Great Britain
  • Documentary
  • 2013
  • 63 min.
  • Director(s): Diana Groo
  • Producer(s): Ivan Angelusz. Michael Truckenbrodt,. Alan Reich, Gideon Wittenberg


A poetic documentary about the first woman rabbi in the world, Regina Jonas, ordained in Berlin in 1935. The inspiring story of a woman with a calling who was not easily accepted by her male colleagues is beautifully narrated by Rachel Weisz.

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Diana Groo


Ivan Angelusz. Michael Truckenbrodt,. Alan Reich, Gideon Wittenberg


Diana Groo


Agnes Mogor HSE

Original Music

Daniel Kardos

Original Language



English, French

Produced with the help of

Joir and Kato Weisz Foundation

Sound designer

Daniel Bohm

Festival Highlights

  • Winner

    Warsaw Phoenix for the best presentation of contemporary Jewish life in film
    Jewish Motifs
  • Winner

    The Lia Award for dealing with Jewish heritage
    Jerusalem International Film Festival

Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival, Hong Kong, 2015

Moscow Jewish Film Festival, Russia, 2015

Jewish Motifs International Film, Poland, 2014

Religion Today Film Festival, Italy, 2014

New York Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2014

UK Jewish Film Festival, United Kingdom, 2013

Jerusalem Film Festival, Israel, 2013

Sarajevo International FilmFest, Bosnia, 2013

Krakow International Filmfest, Poland, 2013

Berlin Jewish Film Festival, Germany, 2013


  • "Passionately directed and beautifully narrated, this poetic black and white film about the world's first female rabbi is wholly inspiring..."
    - The View London Review
  • "A gracefully edited documentary of a woman who emerges as determined, fearless..."
    - Lilith
  • "What this director has built in picture and sound is a raw, deliberately primitive newsreel that’s powerfully immersive. There’s a bit of slo-mo and a few touches of what look like skip-frame tweaking from time to time, but make no mistake—Regina is the real deal."
    - New York Jewish Film Festival 2014 - Critic's Choices