• Israel
  • Feature
  • 2012
  • 40 / 30 min.


  • Israel
  • Feature
  • 2012
  • 40 / 30 min.


In May 2004 an IDF armored personnel carrier was destroyed in Gaza Strip, and all the soldiers on board were killed. Shortly after, rescue soldiers were called to the scene to look for the remains of their friends. Rainbow is a story about Michael, a squad commander who leads his soldiers into a Palestinian house which is looking at the location of the destroyed carrier. His orders were to secure the parameter and defend the soldiers sorting through the sand in search of their friends remains. Michael's team is accompanied by a military photographer who quickly becomes a burden, and the longer they stay in the Palestinian house, the more complicated the situation becomes.



Eliran Elya


Eliran Elya


Eliran Elya


Roee Keren


Yoni Turgeman, Rony Eisemann


Michael Aloni, Tom Hagi, Ido Bartal, Moshe Ashcenazi

Original Language

Hebrew, Arabic



Produced with the help of

The Second Authority For Television And Radio Information , Eli Gelfand Fund support , the Cameri Theater

Sound Design

Yoss Appelbaum

Festival Highlights

San Diego Jewish Film Festival, USA , 2014

Middle East: What Cinema Can Do , Italy , 2013

Bucharest Jewish Film Festival, Romania , 2013

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, USA , 2013

Zagreb Jewish Film Festival, Croatia , 2013

Jewish Motifs International Film Festival, Poland , 2013

Cherry Hill Jewish Film Festival, USA , 2013

Austin Jewish Film Festival, USA , 2013

Toronto Jewish Film Festival, Canada , 2013

Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, Israel , 2012

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