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  • Israel
  • Documentary
  • 2013
  • 58 min.
  • Director(s): Chen Shelach
  • Producer(s): Duki Dror


A 12 year-old girl must complete an ancestry assignment for school, but what begins as a boring task slowly becomes a sweeping drama that unearths the buried secrets of three generations of one family – from before the outbreak of World War II on to the Holocaust and ending with the fall of the kibbutz’s socialist idealism. What does this heavy historical burden mean for a young girl today, one who lives through social networks, soap operas and telenovelas? A first-person documentary about the unsettling thought that life is a chain of events governed by coincidence and not by individual choice.

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Chen Shelach


Duki Dror


Duki Dror, Chen Shelach


Philippe Bellaiche


Duki Dror

Original Music

Frank Ilfman

Original Language

Hebrew, Arabic


English, Hebrew

Produced with the help of

Channel 8 Israel, The New Israeli Foundation for Cinema and TV

Sound Designer

Ronen Nagel

Script Editor

Galia Engelmayer

Photo Credit

Zygote Films

Festival Highlights

UK Jewish Film Festival, UK, 2013