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Partner with the Enemy

  • Israel
  • Documentary
  • 2014
  • 60 / 52 min.
  • Director(s): Duki Dror, Chen Shelach
  • Producer(s): Duki Dror, Anat Vogman


In the midst of the ever-fraught Israeli-Palestinian political landscape, two women, one Israeli and one Palestinian, attempt the seemingly impossible: to build a business together. Fighting against societal and family pressure in a male-dominated industry, the two combine forces to create a logistics company which helps Palestinian businessmen.

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Duki Dror, Chen Shelach


Duki Dror, Anat Vogman


Galia Engelmayer-Dror


Hana Abu Saada, Philippe Bellaiche, Danor Glazer, Yoram Milo


Duki Dror, Chen Shelach


Anat Shelach, Rola Srouji

Original Language



English, Hebrew, French

Produced with the help of

Channel 2 Israel, The New Foundation for Cinema and TV, Other Israel (Manhattan JCC)


Channel 2 Israel

Sound designer

Ronen Nagel

Festival Highlights

  • Winner

    Golden Panda Award for Best Documentary
    Sichuan TV Film Festival

San Diego Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2016

Washington Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2016

EDOC, Ecuador, 2016

Annapolis International Film Festival, USA, 2016

UK Jewish Film Festival, United Kingdom, 2015

Seoul International Women's Film Festival, South Korea, 2015

Gold Coast International Film Festival, USA, 2015

Santa Barbara International Film Festival, USA, 2015

Documentary Edge, New Zealand, 2015

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2015

Sichuan TV Film Festival, China, 2015

Boston Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2015

Vancouver Jewish Film Festival, Canada, 2015

Other Israel Film Festival, USA, 2015

Haifa International Film Festival, Israel, 2014

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  • "Partner with the Enemy is the type of incredible story that documentary is made for, and certainly in Israel where audiences are eager for new perspective on the Israeli‐Palestinian conflict, for an angle that has yet to be explored. Even so, the choice of two women, of two mothers, as the heroines of the film is an unexpected and innovative one. "
    - From an article by Dr. Yael Munk, Cinema critic and Faculty member Department of Literature, Language and the Arts, Tel Aviv University