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  • Israel, France
  • Documentary
  • 2015
  • 99 min.
  • Director(s): Silvina Landsmann
  • Producer(s): Silvina Landsmann & Pierre-Olivier Bardet


The Hotline for Refugees and Migrants, a small Tel Aviv based NGO, works around the clock. The activists give the refugees and migrants legal advice, help them deal with government bureaucracy and promote public campaigns for their cause. They are fighting an uphill battle against both the rising xenophobia and the authorities which tend to treat the asylum seekers as criminal offenders.

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Silvina Landsmann


Silvina Landsmann & Pierre-Olivier Bardet


Silvina Landsmann


Silvina Landsmann


Silvina Landsmann & Gil Schnaiderovich

Original Language

Hebrew, English, French


English, Italian, German, French, Spanish

Produced with the help of

Cinema project - Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts

Direct sound

Guy Barkay

Sound design

Yossi Apelbaum

Festival Highlights

  • Winner

    The Van Leer Award for Best Documentary Film
    Jerusalem International Film Festival

One World International Film Festival , Czech Republic, 2016

Santa Barbara International Film Festival , USA, 2016

Pitigliani Kolnoa Festival, Italy, 2015

Doclisboa, Portugal, 2015

Viennale, Austria, 2015

International Images Film Festival for Women, Zimbabwe, 2015

BAFICI, Argentina, 2015

Biografilm Film Festival, Italy, 2015

Jerusalem International Film Festival, Israel, 2015

Hong Kong International Film Festival, Hong Kong, 2015

Berlin International Film Festival, Germany, Forum, 2015

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  • "Coolly executed, but intensely charged in political terms, Silvina Landsmann’s documentary Hotline is not merely revealing but downright shocking in what it conveys about Israel’s policies on outsiders."
    - Jonathan Romney, Screen Daily
  • "Both disturbing and moving."
    - Deutsche Welle
  • "Landsmann offers up an insightful glimpse into a seldom-seen side of local Israeli life."
    - Jordan Mintzer, The Hollywood Reporter
  • "An indictment against the Israeli politics towards refugees."
    - A Journey into the Mind of X