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Hanan Porat: Settled in Faith

  • Israel
  • Documentary
  • 2012
  • 63 min.
  • Director(s): Gil Mezuman
  • Producer(s): Gil Mezuman


Winter, 1975. Hanan Porat is carried on the shoulders of dozens of men in Sebastia, in the heart of Samaria. Rabin’s government caves to the pressure of the settlers and authorizes the establishment of a settlement in Elon Moreh. At that moment, Hanan Porat became the leader and symbol of the settler movement. Today some 330,000 Jews live in dozens of settlements throughout the West Bank. Winter 2010, Hanan is diagnosed with cancer. He knows that his days are numbered and goes on a journey through the key stations in his life. Hanan Porat: Settled in Faith is an historical document-personal and national. It presents the soul searching of Porat and of the entire Gush Emunim movement: was it a right choice to dedicate his life to public activity instead of Torah study and spirituality? Did the political path which he chose prove itself? What was the price exacted by the settlement enterprise? Will the destruction of the Jewish settlements in Gaza be repeated in the West Bank?

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Gil Mezuman


Gil Mezuman


Gil Mezuman


Moshe Huri


Tamar Gan-Zvi

Original Language

Hebrew, English



Produced with the help of

IBA channel 1- Israel, Avi Chai Film Foundation

Sound design

Ami Arad

Festival Highlights

Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival, Israel, 2012