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  • Israel
  • Documentary
  • 2021
  • 54 min.
  • Director(s): Adi Arbel
  • Producer(s): Arik Bernstein (Alma Films), David Silber (Metro Communications)


“I learned something about my writing since my son, Uri, was killed – there’s one way we’re able to comprehend the slightest inkling of what exists beyond the impenetrable wall of death, the feeling of non-existence. And yet, to feel the vastness of what it means to be alive alongside it – through writing. That is what I search for in my writing, to exist in both places, for just a brief moment”. David Grossman shares these honest, private and intimate insights on camera, and exposes the delicate and complex connection between his novels and his personal life. The film follows Grossman up close and takes the viewers on a personal journey into the soul and work of an exceptional human being.

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Adi Arbel


Arik Bernstein (Alma Films), David Silber (Metro Communications)


Adi Arbel


Ofer Inov


Maya Klar, Ron Goldman

Original Music

Yasmin Even

Original Language

English, Hebrew


English, French


Rachel Nehushtai (Balera)

Supporters & Broadcasters

KAN – Israeli Public Broadcast Corp, Makor Foundation for Israeli Films, Mifal HaPayis

Festival Highlights

University of Texas in Austin, USA, 2022

Zurich Jewish Film Festival (Yesh), Switzerland, 2022

Toronto Jewish Film Festival, Canada, 2022

Israfest Foundation (LA Israeli Film Festival) , USA, 2022

Philadelphia Israeli Film Festival, USA, 2022

Montreal Israeli Film Festival , Canada, 2022

New Hampshire Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2022

Sacramento Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2022

Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2022

Miami Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2022

New York Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2022

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  • "This is a great film. Not only because it gives us an up close and personal look at the man himself but also because his discussions give us a great insight into writing, families and the grieving process. There is a great deal to process and I am still doing so several weeks after seeing the film. "
    - Steve Kopian, Unseen Films
  • "An inspiring and deeply personal look at an incredible activist force."
    - Brazilian Press
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