Full Support

  • Israel
  • Documentary
  • 2024
  • 68 min.
  • Director(s): Michal Cohen
  • Producer(s): Shani Sror-Etinger, Maya Fischer, Roi Kurland, Gal Greenspan


In a Jaffa bra shop’s fitting room, women’s love-hate affair with their bosom buddies unfolds. As each heroine struggles to find the perfect bra, she bares not just her chest, but her soul, sharing tales of triumph, tribulation, and the occasional wardrobe malfunction.


For breasts aren’t just fleshy accessories—they’re the protagonists of our life’s epic. From the awkward moment they first break out, to the sobering reality checks of mammograms, our relationship with our “girls” is a bouncy roller-coaster of ups and downs because life, much like a poorly fitted bra, is full of surprises.


This film unravels the mystery, myth, and full support between women and their breasts. It’s a story that’s written on our bodies, in every curve, contour, and stretch mark.

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Michal Cohen


Shani Sror-Etinger, Maya Fischer, Roi Kurland, Gal Greenspan


Michal Cohen


Tulik Galon


Noit Geva

Original Music

Gal Lev

Original Language



English, Hebrew

Production Company

Green Productions


Yuli Shiloach

Sound Design

Ronen Nagal

Festival Highlights

Docaviv International Documentary Film Festival, Israel, Israel Competition, 2024