Family on the Edge

  • Israel
  • Documentary
  • 2009
  • 57 min.
  • Director(s): Gilad (Gili) Goldschmidt
  • Producer(s): Gilad (Gili) Goldschmidt


Yoram Drucker, a 42 years old Modern Orthodox Jew from Jerusalem, has a Dream. To take His family, includingtheir eight-years-pld daughter Chen, to the peak of Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa (5895 M/ 19,640 feet).
Thousands of people try to do it .4 people die, each year, on the Kilimanjaro.
Yoram is sure this type of a family experience is what builds the long term foundation of ones personality, of family-hood. Family on the Edge follows the Drucker Family on their Journey- starting from the careful preparations, through the Physical and Mental challenges they face, until the dramatic ending.

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Gilad (Gili) Goldschmidt


Gilad (Gili) Goldschmidt


Gilad (Gili) Goldschmidt


Gilad (Gili) Goldschmidt

Original Music

Africa- Cosinus