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  • Israel, Ukraine
  • Feature
  • 2023
  • 97 min.
  • Director(s): Jonathan Dekel
  • Producer(s): Chilik Michaeli, Avraham Pirchi, Shalom Eizenbach


The outskirts of Istanbul, 1990s. Theo, a tired American writer, stays alone in a hotel. His days are all the same: breakfast buffet, afternoon nap, people-watching in the lobby. Everything changes when Theo’s editor declares: “It’s time for you to retire.”


Theo can’t bear the thought of going home without finishing his novel and begs for more time to “find inspiration.“ But we soon realize that Theo is called Dov and not only is he Israeli, he is a spy. The “Editor“ he speaks with is his Mossad handler and the “inspiration” he’s looking for? A terrorist who must be killed.


Just as a defeated Theo checks out the following morning, a tender man who calls himself Amal checks in. Is he the arch-terrorist Israeli Intelligence has been hunting for decades? Dov is in a race against the clock to discover Amal’s true identity, and his own.


CHECKOUT is a psychadelic Mossad comedy based on the true unknown stories of Jewish American spies, inspired by the filmmakers’ own experience as Americans who joined the Israeli Special Forces, feeling the clash between American culture and Israeli machismo. Innovative in style and very rewarding for those willing to be submerged in its world, CHECKOUT is a fast paced stylized mystery, aiming to be the first authentic depiction of Mossad on film.


Developed in the prestigious Sundance Institute & produced with the Israel Film Fund.

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Jonathan Dekel


Chilik Michaeli, Avraham Pirchi, Shalom Eizenbach


Jonathan Dekel, Dr. Shai Satran


Saar Mizrahi


Asaf Zakar

Original Music

Guy Levy


Josh Pais, Norman Issa, Dar Zuzovsky, Yael Sharoni, Aki Avni, Oz Zahavi

Sound Design

Yuval Bar On

Festival Highlights


    Emerging Filmmaker Award
    Jerusalem International Lab

    Staff Pick: Comedy Vanguard
    Austin Film Festival

Austin Film Festival, USA, Official Selection

South Film Festival, Israel, Official Selection


  • "The film I enjoyed most in this year's race."
    - Eitan Weisz, Film Critic
  • "Brilliant script and directing."
    - Nir Bergman, acclaimed Israeli filmmaker
  • "An outrageously funny spin on the spy genre. "
    - Austin Film Festival