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After Munich

  • Canada
  • Documentary
  • 2020
  • 78 / 52 min.
  • Director(s): Francine Zuckerman
  • Producer(s): Francine Zuckerman


Whether you witnessed it live, learnt about it or never even heard of the Munich Massacre at all — this event changed your life.

September 5th 1972, the tenth day of the Munich Olympics, the Palestinian terrorist group Black September stormed the Israeli athletes’ quarters.
The world watched live on television as eleven hostages were taken and later killed.
Four women were directly impacted by that day: An athlete, a widow, and two undercover agents.
Their lives changed. Their fates redirected. Their well-being and views impacted by the trauma. But they weren’t the only ones.

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Francine Zuckerman


Francine Zuckerman


Francine Zuckerman


Kristin Fieldhouse


Radojka Vrabac, Roger Mattussi


French, English


Documentary Channel; Societé Radio Canada

Sound Designer

Martin Lee

Festival Highlights

Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival, USA, 2021

DocEdge International Film Festival, New Zealand, Speical screening with Director, 2020

Doc Munich International Film Festival, Germany, 2020

Tel Aviv Jewish Film Festival, Israel, 2020

Chicago Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2020

Orange County Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2020

Farthest North Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2020

Jewish Museum of Maryland, USA, 2020

Warsaw International Film Festival, Poland, Official Competition, 2019

CBS Film Series, , 2019

Dallas Video Fest , USA, 2019

Sao Paulo Jewish Film Festival, Brazil

Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival, Hong Kong

Barcelona Jewish Film Festival, Spain

Jüdische Filmwoche, Austria

Budapest Documentary Film Festival, Hungary

Leipzig Cinematheque, Germany

Berlin Jewish Film Festival, Germany

Warsaw Jewish Festival and Museum, Poland

London Jewish Film Festival, UK

Sydney Jewish Museum, Australia

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  • Zuckerman’s documentary and the women it highlights are fascinating. Those who are fans of history, especially women’s history, will find it incredibly illuminating
    Jenna Dorsi, Women & Hollywood