Finding Abraham

  • Great Britain
  • Short
  • 2021
  • 29 min.
  • Director(s): Malcolm Green
  • Producer(s): Yesh Productions


A group of young Arabs and Israelis join together for road trip across the desert. In the wake of recent Peace Agreements between their countries, they’re on a journey to find Abraham. Confidently calling themselves ‘The Leaders of Tomorrow’, the cast of self-declared Influencers are diverse, opinionated, funny, emotional and often naive. Can their friendships transcend politics? Is their ‘activism’ genuine or merely an adjective added to a Linkedin bio? Is their concept of Peace anything more than just a hashtag for Instagram? And are the Abraham Accords a true Peace or a Business Networking Arrangement? This short film offers an honest, open, challenging, unconventional insight into a peace process that, rooted in Religious conflict, is as much about profits as prophets. Visually stunning, and with a wild, rich originally composed soundtrack, Finding Abraham has found a whole new film genre.

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Malcolm Green


Yesh Productions

Executive Producer(s)

Malcolm Green, Jewish News

Original Language

Hebrew, Arabic, English



Festival Highlights

  • Winner

    Best Short Film
    Tokyo International Film Festival
  • Winner

    Best Director
    Phoenix Shorts
  • Winner

    Best Short Documentary
    Paris Cinema Award

Cannes World Film Festival, France, Official Selection, 2021