The 90 Minute War

  • Israel
  • Feature
  • 2017
  • 85 min.

The 90 Minute War

  • Israel
  • Feature
  • 2017
  • 85 min.


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been going on for decades, with no end in sight. Fed up with one failed deal after another, the Israeli and Palestinian leaders agree to settle things once and for all … with a soccer match. One game. One winner. Losing side has to pick up and find a new homeland. This politically-incorrect, satirical mockumentary takes a fresh and hilarious lens to the conflict.



Eyal Halfon


Assaf Amir – Norma Productions, Steve Hudson & Sonja Ewers Gringo Films


Eyal Halfon, Based on a book by Itay Meirson “The 90-Minutes War”


Daniel Kedem


Arik Lahav Leibovich

Original Music

Ran Shem Tov


Moshe Ivgy, Norman Issa, Detlev Buck, Alexandre Barata, Paula Pedregal, Pepe Rapazote, Harald Redmer, Torsten Knippertz

Original Language

Hebrew, English, Portuguese


Hebrew, English

Sound designer

Gil Toren, Tilo Busch

Produced with the help of

Israeli film fund, Jerusalem Film & Television Fund, ZDF Arte, NRW – Film Commission


Reshet, yes satellite

  • Winner

    Best Actor (Moshe Ivgy and Norman Issa)
    Haifa International Film Festival
  • Winner

    Best Supporting Actor (Norma Issa)
    Israeli Film Academy

Festival Highlights

Tolerance Film Festival, Indonesia , 2018

Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, USA

UK Jewish Film Festival, United Kingdom

Pitigliani Kolnoa Festival, Italy , 2017

Haifa International Film Festival , Israel , 2016

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