Zelda – A Simple Woman

  • Israel
  • Documentary
  • 2015
  • 55 min.
  • Director(s): Avi Belleli
  • Producer(s): Yair Qedar


She published her first book of poetry at the age of 53 and became a prominent figure in the field of Hebrew literature. Niece of the LubavitcherRebbe, living alone in Jerusalem, writing poems on pieces of paper, surrounded by a small court of lovers and admirers.Through never-seen before archival footage and meetings with her lovers and friends (Amos Oz, ChavaAlberstein), the film gently sketches a portrait of the first religious female poet. The film is part of the documentary project: THE HEBREWS, documenting Hebrew culture with the best of Israeli directors, each focusing of the life and work of a major Hebrew literary poet of writer.

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Avi Belleli


Yair Qedar

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