The Mossad and The Lillehammer Curse

  • Israel
  • Documentary
  • 2023
  • 52 / 90 min.
  • Director(s): Gidi Meron, Emmanuel Nakash, Noam Tepper
  • Producer(s): Natalie Be'eri


In July 1973, the Israeli Mossad faced a historic failure when operatives targeted Black September leader Hassan Ali Salameh in Lillehammer, Norway. Tragically, they mistakenly killed a Moroccan waiter, Ahmad Bushiki. For five decades, the Mossad claimed it was an error. The film now reveals that the operatives knew they had the wrong target. Lives of those involved changed drastically. The film unfolds in two narratives. First, it details the operation, from receiving intelligence to Bushiki's death and the imprisonment of some cell members in Norway. It exposes the Mossad's cover-up. The second narrative explores the mental toll on intelligence operatives sent to assassinate on behalf of the state, haunted by their actions. Avraham Gehmer, once a Mossad legend, was imprisoned and died in heartbreak, accusing his superiors of forcing him into a murder he didn't want. Dan Arbel faced public disgrace. Emile Vazana spiraled into bankruptcy and mental decline. Amina al-Mufti, a Mossad-recruited psychiatrist, suffered torture and hardship. The documentary reveals the human cost of state-sanctioned assassination, illuminating the moral complexity within covert operations.




Gidi Meron, Emmanuel Nakash, Noam Tepper


Natalie Be'eri


Gidi Meron


Shuki Guzik, Oded Kirma


Nadav Ben Tzur

Original Language

Hebrew, English


Hebrew, English


Meital Shabtai

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This film is currently unavialable for VOD streaming.

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