• Portugal
  • Feature
  • 2019
  • 100 min.


  • Portugal
  • Feature
  • 2019
  • 100 min.


This sumptuous and absorbing historical drama recounts the story of the Jews in Portugal since 1496, when King D. Manuel prohibited Judaism. Four hundred years later, Barros Basto, a Portuguese army captain converted to Judaism, and about twenty Jewish merchants from central and eastern Europe founded the Jewish Community of Oporto, in the north of Portugal. Soon this community was shaken by news that there were descendants of 15th-century Jews in a number of Portuguese villages. They still performed Jewish rites, convinced that they were the last Jews on earth. Captain Barros Basto started traveling from village to village, by train, on foot, on horseback, to rescue these crypto-Jews and bring them back into the fold of official Judaism. Then the period of Nazism and the Holocaust brought hundreds of refugees to this city. Five centuries after D. Manuel’s edict led to the mass exodus of the Jewish community, a new law promoted their return to the land they had been forced to forsake. With a sweeping look, Sefarad is a timely film that will make you reflect on the true worth of faith, love, and selfless valor.



Luis Ismael


Maria Pacheco


History Research Center of the Jewish Community of Oporto


Francisco Vidinha


Marco Carvalho

Original Music

Pedro Marques


Rodrigo Santos, Pedro Galiza, Ana Vargas, Gabriela Relvas

Original Language

English, Portuguese, Hebrew, Yiddish


English, Portuguese

Produced with the help of


Sound Designer

Luís Silveira

Photo Credit

Sefared production team

Festival Highlights

Miami Jewish Film Festival, USA , 2019

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For purchasing options please go to the desktop version of the website.

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